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鈥楳r Silverdale will be so sorry,鈥 she said. 鈥楬e drops in there sometimes for a rubber of bridge, for he thinks that it is such a good thing to show that a clergyman can be a man of the world too.鈥

鈥楢nd then saying to Alice, 鈥淚 think you and my slippers have met before!鈥 That was fun, was it not? I saw you enjoyed that, Thomas, and{309} when you are pleased, I鈥檓 sure the joke is good enough for anybody. I wish I had asked Lord and Lady Inverbroom to dine to-night. They would have enjoyed it too, though perhaps he would feel a little shy of meeting you after that snub you gave him and his Club in taking their premises away from them.鈥.
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Alice put her clasped hands between her knees and squeezed them. She was perfectly willing to go without her mayonnaise, but she could not bear her mother should think Mr Silverdale looked hungry.?
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鈥楾here is no way out there,鈥 she said. 鈥楲ook into yourself and tell me if you really believe there is. The way is barred. You yourself bar it. How could I then pass over it?鈥!
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Again by some common impulse they moved off the path, still with hands clasped. They walked through the fallen sky of bluebells, not seeing it, and came to where a fallen trunk, lopped of its branches, lay on the ground..
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He drew the sheets towards him, and began signing in silence, wondering when she proposed to say how sorry she was for misjudging him about his generosity. Surely he could not have misinterpreted that radiant glance she gave him when he rose to reply to the toast of his health..

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